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How to Pass ACCA Paper

Posted by Azim Azman on February 6, 2017 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (2)

Hi everyone, in this post will tell you guys what I know and use to pass my ACCA paper. I have been taking ACCA for years now, and I realise it not as easy as it looks. It is different from other course, it's very challenging. And to pass the paper, you need to have plan and strategy on how you will tackle the subject or paper. Without wasting more time, here we go...

How to pass ACCA:

1) You need to self study for 3 to 6 hours a day. If you have classes on that day, it might be enough for you to study 3 hours on that day. However, if you do not have class, you should spend more time to self study.

2) You need to concentrate or give focus during the study time. Study in time block of 1 hour, turn off all distraction during that time, then take rest for few minutes before do it again for another hour.

3) Always keep yourself motivated. It will take hours of your time, you need to always be willing to sacrifice a lot of things. You need to keep yourself motivated.

4) You need to understand the concept of the paper subject. Make sure you have covered all the topics in that paper. If possible, make sure you have made notes for all the topics too.

5) Do a lot of question. Practicing question shows that you understand the subject and topic. Do question of all chapters. And do past year question at least 4 past year paper.

6) You need to exercise regularly. Exercise will supply more oxygen to your brain which enable it to be more active and remember more. In my observation, many of my friends that exercise regularly have better memory.

7) Keep good relationship with friends, family and God. You need a lot of support from them. Financial support and emotional support. Always remember that you are studying this hard for them. Remember your ' WHY '.

If you follow most of I wrote above, I can guarantee you that you have a big chance to pass the paper. Do all this preparation fast and early, then during the exam is around the corner, you then has already ready for the exam at that time. 

Hope this writing benefit to you guys. I hope you use tips I have given you, and if you find it useful, I hope you can share it to your friends, so more can benefit from it. 

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The Reality of Taking ACCA

Posted by Azim Azman on January 22, 2017 at 12:05 AM Comments comments (0)

For many years I have been taking ACCA, I can see some patterns form from the students. Some can pass the paper, some still struggle to pass, some still do not know how to pass the paper, and some have already given up.

Before you can say anything about this course, you need to know it is a very tough course. The passing rate can be as lower as 30% to 50% for each subject or paper. Which means, every 100 students that take the paper, only 30 to 50 students will pass it. The rest will fail.

It has been a very struggle for the students that still cannot find ways to pass the paper, they do not know what it takes to pass the paper.

Taking ACCA requires your full commitment, it demands you to spend thousands of ringgit for the annual fee and exam fee. It need you to study hard and smart. And you also need a lot of support, from your parents and friends.

Due to this, I think I will write about on what takes to pass ACCA paper on the next blog post.

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Stay tune guys.

The Best Investment You Can Make.

Posted by Azim Azman on September 21, 2016 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (2)

Assalamualaikum and Hi.

It has been awhile since I wrote a blog. It is because lately I have been busy with my september exam, now I'm focusing on december exam. Got to do a lot of study and practice.

Hope you guy love this new blog.

Moving on, on this blog, I will write about the best investment you can make. When talking about investment, most people will think about capital investment or money, but today, I'm more focus on few simple principles that will give you the best return in my understanding.

" So, tell me what is the best investment I can make?" It may sound cliche to you but the best investment you can make...

is in yourself.


Capital or money investment is good, but you must have a strong values to build that strong investment that will bring you countless return again and again and again.

In this blog I will tell you 3 values that if you invest in it, it will bring you the best return.

First, Hard Work or work ethic. You may have heard many quotes that say about hard work. But many people afraid to work hard. They do the work half-hearted. But to successful people, hard work is they best friend. They know they cannot get what they want before first, work super freaking hard. Put 3-7 hours a day to your work.

Friends, don't be afraid to work hard, instead, make it your best friend. Love it, as it can open many doors of oppurtunity to you. Success loves people who are willing to put the hard work! " The harder you work, the luckier you get!"

Second, Learning. Learning is the most important thing if you want to get the best return in your life. I have written a blog on values that relate to learning. You can check it out HERE.

Talking about learning, most people thought learning stop at school, but there are many knowledge out there. There are many more things you can learn for example: Business skills, speaking skills and communication skills. Don't stop learning as " Leaders are readers."

The richest man, Bill Gates sure knows how to value Learning.

Third, last but not least, Safety. The first and second point is about growing yourself, and the third is to protect youself. In order to grow in tremendous speed, you need to measure the risk, Don't take too much risk, and don't be afraid to take small risk, but first you need to have that safety net. You can get safety by having enough cash saving, have insurance, good knowlege and wide network of expert in that field. 

For example, for a person who want to follow his passion and leaving his day job for it, it is very dangerous to do that before having the safety net or as I call Career Capital. I have written on career capital and why JUST by following your passion can be dangerous HERE and HERE. 

Closing my writting, I would like to summarize it as an image of driving. When you drive, it is important that you focus and work hard on your driving so you can arrive at the destination you want safely. Next, before you able to drive safely, you need to learn and get a driving license to make you able to drive on the road. And then, although you focus on your driving, learn and know how to drive well, sometimes, bad thing can happen, that is life. And when that bad thing happen, safety is very important, at that time you will know the function of seat bell, airbags, driving slowly and safely and the function and importance of insurance. So please, before you can invest in any capital investment, first... invest in yourself.

That is it for this writing, hope you gain some knowledge and idea. Connect with me on social media if you want more good ideas like this. Follow my instagram @azimazman4 . I'd love to hear from you. 

Financial Risk: Common Couple's Financial Mistake.

Posted by Azim Azman on June 11, 2016 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Many of my friends started to get married lately.

Yeah, of course, we are already 23. Haha.

Because of that, I think it is very relatable to write about " Common Couple's Financial Mistake." I assume we all can or have heard many story like the one I will tell here.

Many people will start working and earning some income. Then, they will meet the one they love and decide to get married. 

The 1st mistake that they make is to spend so much in their wedding ceremony. In Malaysia, we can see this so many time. Many couple even willing to make big loan for their marriage. That is just absurd. In Islam, small marriage ceremony is enough. I am glad and happy when I see most of my married friends spend less than RM10,000 on it. I think it is most approriate for most Middle Class Income people.

2nd mistake, they start to buy big house to stay. This will just take more money from your pocket every month.


3rd, one day, they looked at TV or heard on the radio those crazy promotion. " Installment for 60 months, without any down payment" type of promotion. They get so excited and went to the store. They bought furnitures, TVs, refrigerator and so much more as it is " No down payment and easy installment every month".

Few months after that, they realise that all their commmitment installement payment have cost almost 80% of their monthly income ! Every month, they need to pay for 1) House 2) Car 3)Marriage loan 4) Furnitures 5)Electric items

That leave them with only 20% of their income.

Next, they will realize that they have so much commitment to pay that they cannot stop working.

Even if they working and getting income every month, they cannot enjoy it, as most of them need to be paid to the banks. That is why most people have become the 'slave' to the banks. Every month they give most of their income to the banks.

They cannot stop! And they are so afraid to be fired!

They have just lost their FREEDOM!

Because they rely on only one income, their job! Before this they do not even care to create second and third income streams. All they care is to spend, spend and spend.

The main point here is most people has burden themself with lack of financial education. Thus, they buy many LIABILITIES instead of ASSETS!!!

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Decide today to learn about financial more. It is one of big part of your life!

And take control in your life. Increase the control, do not depend too much on one people or one job.

Your financial risk will be greatly reduced when you decide to buy more income generating assets that will bring more money into your pocket every single month!

That is all for this writing guys, hope its helpful. If you think this is a great reminder, do not forget to comment and share it with your friends and family. Please do subscribe and follow me on my social media account and say "Hi". Thank you for reading.

Career Capital. Yuna.

Posted by Azim Azman on May 14, 2016 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Hi guys, I would like start this writing on Career Capital base on several things I can see base on my observation and research.

Before this, I have written blog on " How to Be So Good They Can't Ignore You" HERE and " Why JUST By Following Your Passion Can Be Very Dangerous" HERE.

Recently, Malaysian was shocked when Yuna has being able to collaborate with a famous American singer, Usher, on her new song called CRUSH. 

I was excited too at the time because this is the first time a Malaysian singer and songwriter be able to collaborate with a famous American singer. Usher is so talented, he was the artist that produce Justin Bieber.

Before this Yuna also has collaborate with Owl City in " The Groove " movie song entitled " Shine Your Way"

With all this great achievement, I began to observe and research on how Yuna can be so successful.

And then, I came into these conclusions :

1) Yuna started her singing career when she was a law student at UiTM Shah Alam, she learnt music from her music student friends. So, she started small and strengthen her foundation in music and singing. Strengthen your basic skills in the industry.
2) She practices her songwriting. She made many of her famous song for example Dan Sebenarnya that made her famous in Malaysia long time ago. Master your craft.
3) Yuna work hard to have connection with successful people like Usher and Owl City. And finding a production company to sponsor her in US. Have a network or connection with the key players in the industry.
4) She save some financial capital to move to United State, to stay and work there. Have a financial ability.

In my observation, because of these skills and capital she has been able to save and build her career. She become so successfull compare to other singer.

Nowsaday, many uprising singers came into industry without enough of these " Career Capital ".

You can see it when a new singer from a reality show for example, some of them only know how to sing. They cannot play music instruments, cannot write songs, do not have connection with big players in industry and do not have enough financial capital. Most of them usually will FAIL within just few years or even months!

These traits also we can relate to many things especially to people who want to be self employed and go into business. Thus, before you take that jump of doing things that have a higher risk, make sure you build enough and strong " Career Capital " first.

That is all for this post. Hope it is helpful for your career and life. If you find it is useful, don't forget to comment and share it with your friends. I appreciate it a lot.

Thanks for reading. :)