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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Desire.

Posted by Azim Azman on July 17, 2016 at 1:20 PM Comments comments (2)

This post relate to my third prepared speech for my Toastmasters Club that will be presented on 20 July 2016. 

I'm going to talk about desire and show 3 ways to strengthen your desire.

Napoleon Hill, the author of Think And Grow Rich book once said, " The starting point of all achievement is desire." 

He said that in order to be successful and get what we want, we need to have burning desire.

It also same like the famous Eric Thomas always says, " When you want to succed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful ! "

3 Ways to strengthen your desire.

1. Think and work on your goals everyday. Focus on your goals everyday. Work towards it everyday. Progression toward your goals give your motivation.

2. Visualize. Vizualize your goals. Albert Einstein once said, " Imagination is more important than knowledge." To add fuel to it, you need to vizualize your goals and use your emotion. Add a lot of emotion during your vizualization.

3. Have affirmations. When I was studying for SPM, I have this affirmation, " If some people can get 10 As, I can get it too." I repeat it everyday, and guess what, I get that 10A s during the SPM result! Find your own affirmation that can give you motivation to keep moving forward and keep saying it to yourself! What you say to yourself is very important.

That it guys. Hope the post is useful.

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Winning Formula in Public Speaking.

Posted by Azim Azman on May 6, 2016 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (2)

Picture of me and my teammate Ariff winning first runner up in an idea pitching contest in last March 2016.

We were able to win because we have found the winning formula.

That formula my friend, is the secret I'm going to disclose to you today. 

I also have won several best speaker in my toastmasters club.

So, the secret to a good Public Speaking:

1) You must be prepare. Before your speech, practice as much as possible, practice giving your full speech.
2) Relax. Take few deep breaths before speech, try loose your body a bit by doing some stretching.
3) Your speech content must be good. Good speech in my opnion has some story, some humour and some lessons.
4) If your speech give inspiration to the audience, that is a good speech.
5) During speech, relax, make eyes contact with audience.
6) Walk slowly around stage.
7) Have a good and wide hand gestures.
8 ) Talk with confidence and conviction.

That's it. But in order to do all of this, you must always practice giving speeches. Take oppurtunity to join some public speaking contest, voice out your oppinions in a group discussion, be emcee for an event. And even better if possible, join a public speaking club. Like me, I join a Toastmasters Club, read my first experience in the club HERE.

I think that's all. Thanks for reading guys and hope its helpful. Don't forget to connect with me in my social media as I always update there. Contact me if you have any question, I'd be glad to help you. Thank you.

Learning to Speak.. Confidently. Toastmasters Club.

Posted by Azim Azman on February 25, 2016 at 3:05 AM Comments comments (3)

Everybody knows how to speak, but not all can speak confidently infront of people. Statistic shows that people has fear of public speaking more than fear of death. That is just crazy! But it is really true...

I can immediately feel the tense as soon as my first speech. Its like you can easily become speechless at that time. But, I manage to survive and ace my first speech at what our club usually call table topic. 

My first participation in Table Topic session. 

And I won as best Table topic speaker at that night. Haha. 

After that night, I really felt and can tell that this club is very beneficial to many people including me. It can help me in the long run to enhance my confidence, speaking skill, communication skill, leadership skill and time management skill.

Straight that night I told my friend Farhan Faizal, that is also the president of the club that I want to join their Apacs Toastmasters Club family.

The very next week I gladly become their new members. And join the family.

Then, came my first time for my prepared speech. I felt so so so freaking excited plus nervous. Haha. 

It was 18th Feb 2016 my first speech, its entittle " Connecting the dots" 

By the way its actually 1 year before I went to perform my Umrah. Haha. Time flies as they say. You can check my Umrah blog post HERE and HERE.

The day.

Connecting the dots. 

I talked about my past, my move to Kelantan, got a beautiful gf(humour), studying ACCA, and my plan for future, and end it with lessons and a bit inspiration.

I think a good talk must include some humour, some story and some lessons. 

Overall I did well that night. Need to improve on variation of voice tone. 

Looking forward for our next meeting.

Guys, everybody knows how to speak, but not all can speak confidently infront of people. Toastmasters Club.