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The Reality of Taking ACCA

Posted by Azim Azman on January 22, 2017 at 12:05 AM

For many years I have been taking ACCA, I can see some patterns form from the students. Some can pass the paper, some still struggle to pass, some still do not know how to pass the paper, and some have already given up.

Before you can say anything about this course, you need to know it is a very tough course. The passing rate can be as lower as 30% to 50% for each subject or paper. Which means, every 100 students that take the paper, only 30 to 50 students will pass it. The rest will fail.

It has been a very struggle for the students that still cannot find ways to pass the paper, they do not know what it takes to pass the paper.

Taking ACCA requires your full commitment, it demands you to spend thousands of ringgit for the annual fee and exam fee. It need you to study hard and smart. And you also need a lot of support, from your parents and friends.

Due to this, I think I will write about on what takes to pass ACCA paper on the next blog post.

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Stay tune guys.

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