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How to Pass ACCA Paper

Posted by Azim Azman on February 6, 2017 at 10:45 AM

Hi everyone, in this post will tell you guys what I know and use to pass my ACCA paper. I have been taking ACCA for years now, and I realise it not as easy as it looks. It is different from other course, it's very challenging. And to pass the paper, you need to have plan and strategy on how you will tackle the subject or paper. Without wasting more time, here we go...

How to pass ACCA:

1) You need to self study for 3 to 6 hours a day. If you have classes on that day, it might be enough for you to study 3 hours on that day. However, if you do not have class, you should spend more time to self study.

2) You need to concentrate or give focus during the study time. Study in time block of 1 hour, turn off all distraction during that time, then take rest for few minutes before do it again for another hour.

3) Always keep yourself motivated. It will take hours of your time, you need to always be willing to sacrifice a lot of things. You need to keep yourself motivated.

4) You need to understand the concept of the paper subject. Make sure you have covered all the topics in that paper. If possible, make sure you have made notes for all the topics too.

5) Do a lot of question. Practicing question shows that you understand the subject and topic. Do question of all chapters. And do past year question at least 4 past year paper.

6) You need to exercise regularly. Exercise will supply more oxygen to your brain which enable it to be more active and remember more. In my observation, many of my friends that exercise regularly have better memory.

7) Keep good relationship with friends, family and God. You need a lot of support from them. Financial support and emotional support. Always remember that you are studying this hard for them. Remember your ' WHY '.

If you follow most of I wrote above, I can guarantee you that you have a big chance to pass the paper. Do all this preparation fast and early, then during the exam is around the corner, you then has already ready for the exam at that time. 

Hope this writing benefit to you guys. I hope you use tips I have given you, and if you find it useful, I hope you can share it to your friends, so more can benefit from it. 

Remember to connect with me on my social media accounts. Connect with me on istagram and twitter: @azimazman4  Thanks for reading guys.

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